Every day families across the UK discover that they have a disabled child, and each day they have to try and do the best for their child.

Children like Aiden, affected by spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Aiden needs help for everything that he does. Without his mum and dad there to look after him, even crawling would be beyond him, because of the genetic muscle wasting condition that weakens a child's muscles. At its most severe it leaves a child unable to move on their own, and even breathing can be a problem.

You can imagine the kind of impact this has on a child's life. Even children with SMA just want to play and to explore their surroundings, but with this kind of condition then someone needs to help at every step, from morning until night. This is especially frustrating for the child, who wants to move around on their own, but is forced to rely on someone else and can't make their own decisions.

With the right equipment, this can all be so different. With a supportive, fun-to-use child's wheelchair, then even a child of four like Aiden can get control of where he goes and when. Suddenly the world is opened up to them, and they can start to make their own decisions. At this key moment in a child's life when they are learning what their world looks like, please help a child gain the tools to learn for themselves.