Meet Dan. Dan is 16 and lives in Surrey. He likes online gaming, animals, going to the park with his friends and playing hockey. He is also studying science and engineering at college and loves computers so much he even built his own.

You may think this description fits lots of 16 year olds but Dan was born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which will slowly cause his muscles to fatally weaken.

Dan doesn't let it get to him. He told us: “I just stay positive. When I stopped walking I had to not let it get to me or worry me because I had to live with it…”

Yet Dan’s disability affects everything. He can’t play hockey anymore and lost the ability to walk four years ago. Dan now relies on an electric wheelchair to go everywhere.

His mum and brother physically get him out of bed and ready every single day. And as a family they know that Dan’s condition is only getting worse.

Dan’s old chair keeps bumping into things and breaking down. And it is difficult to get around classrooms at college, meaning Dan has to sit at the front of the class away from his friends.

Dan told us: “I’ve outgrown my old sit-to-stand chair and I spend all day in it getting sore. I need the right wheelchair to help my circulation and posture and have the support for my legs and back as I have a slight curve in my spine.

“A new wheelchair would make me more confident and I’d be able to get through everywhere easier and not worry that I’m going to hit into things.

A new wheelchair will help Dan get back out exploring the world with his family and friends and free him from the fear of being stranded far from home.

The wheelchair that Dan needs is a Jive stand up powered chair. The cost is a huge £20,000 once it has been customised for Dan's specific needs.

Can you help Dan make wonderful memories with his family and friends and keep him healthier, mobile and living life to the full?

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Alternatively, you can donate by:

1. Texting DANY16 followed by the amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10, £20, £50) to 70070.

2. Calling 020 8347 8111 - from 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

3. Sending a cheque made payable to Action For Kids to: 

Action For Kids, Ability House, 15a Tottenham Lane, London, N8 9DJ