Some children face extra barriers as they’re growing up.

Milly is affected by multiple disabilities, and it's not just tough for her - for mum Rebecca as well, trying to look after Milly every day leaves her exhausted, run-down, and frustrated – not how any family home should be.

Your assistance can make a huge difference to a child like Milly, on the bad days when her disabilities leave her unable to move. On those days your assistance means the difference between a small girl stuck frustrated on her own because of arthritis, and an independent child taking control of her world – playing at school with her friends, trips to the park with mum, and seeing the world that she lives in on her own terms.

Your gift could get someone like Milly the lightweight equipment she needs to always be mobile, whatever the disability.

If you can help, please donate today, and change the world of a girl like Milly – set her free to live the life she wants.