Yes, most of our powerchair beneficiaries opt to have the powerchair on permanent loan from my AFK. If you choose this option, my AFK will take responsibility for funding all maintenance and wear and tear repairs for the life of the chair (usually around five to seven years or more) or until it is not economically viable to do so. If your chair needs attention, you simply contact my AFK or the supplier/engineer directly and they will e-mail a quote for us to authorise. We strongly advise that you take out insurance for the powerchair to cover accidental damage, third party liability and theft.

A small number of beneficiaries prefer to own their powerchair, for example where the family has contributed most of the cost of the chair and my AFK has paid just a small proportion of it. When we are ready to order your powerchair, we will offer you the option of you having the equipment on permanent loan from my AFK or you having the chair granted to you and you owning the chair. my AFK will not maintain and repair chairs that are granted rather than loaned to the beneficiairy.