my AFK is reliant on donations from charitable trusts, companies and individuals, so it is impossible to predict the wait time for equipment. It really depends on the money we receive during the year. Also, a number of our funders restrict their donations to a region of the country or an age range or cost of equipment, which could mean that applicants will have different wait times.  

As a rough estimate, we aim to fund items costing less than £3000 within 6-9 months and more expensive items within 12-18 months. However, high cost powerchairs with multi specialist functions can sometimes take a little longer.

If the waiting list becomes very long with an anticipated wait time beyond two years, we will close it for a few months.

We also help families with their individual fundraising to contribute to the cost of equipment they are applying for. We do this by supporting them to draft applications to trusts, businesses and local charities as well as sending them my AFK literature and t-shirts for events. Individual fundraising can make the wait time shorter.