Yes. In the majority of cases, we feel it is important for applicants to have two assessments with different brands and models of equipment so that you are well informed of what is on the market. For powered chairs, the difference in costs between brands offering similar functions can be several thousand pounds without any compromise on comfort. A number of wheelchair suppliers have a range of different brands you can look at.  In such cases, one supplier might be able to provide you with an assessment with two or more chairs in one visit. 

For specialist trikes, one supplier can be almost twice as expensive as another. If families have two assessments and are happy with the less expensive quote, it can mean my AFK can almost double the number of trikes it can provide.

Ideally, your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist should attend the assessments as their supporting letter can then comment on the benefits of the equipment from direct experience. If you do not believe a second assessment is necessary, please explain why in your application. You will need to ensure the Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist’s letter confirms there is only one make and model of equipment that meets the young person’s needs. Where you have had two assessments and the therapist believes only the more expensive item meets your needs, please ask her/him to explain why in their supporting letter.

Finally, we welcome family donations towards the equipment we buy for our applicants. We would prefer my AFK to fund and you to donate to the less expensive piece of equipment unless the more expensive item is the only one that meets your needs. This means our funds can go further and support more children.