Equipment that is granted to you including trikes, manual wheelchairs and walkers

This depends on the age, condition and type of equipment. If it is a trike, a small number of suppliers, including Theraplay, might buy it off you or take it in part exchange for a larger size if you need a new one. Where a young person has outgrown a trike and is looking for charity funding for the next size up, the family will often donate the sum raised from the sale of the old trike to the organisation that is funding the new equipment, whether it be my AFK or another charity. 

In a small number of situations my AFK might be able to locate a child on our waiting list that would benefit from the equipment. It is not always easy to match up needs as the equipment can be quite bespoke to meet an individual’s requirements. However, we are keen to explore reusing and refitting equipment, as it means that we can support more children and young people.

Theraplay aside, most of the trike suppliers we work with do not refit and reissue existing trikes routinely. If you have a different brand or type of mobility equipment, you might want to sell it via Ebay or the Facebook page, ‘Special Needs Equipment Buy Sell or Swap’ or via other routes and use the sums raised to put towards other specialist equipment. Alternatively, you might choose to pass the equipment to a family or local specialist organisation.

Equipment that is loaned to you - powerchairs

Unless the family chooses to own the powerchair, our powerchairs are issued on loan to the young person until it is no longer viable for my AFK to maintain it, due to its age and condition. At that stage we grant the powerchair to the family to do as they wish with it; keep it, sell it, give it to another family or dispose of it.  If the family needs my AFK to take the powerchair away to donate to a charity or to dispose of it, we will arrange to do this for them.

Sometimes young people no longer need the powerchair that my AFK has funded for them, for example if they have outgrown it. If the chair is in very good condition, we might take it back to store for potential new applicants to use on a temporary or permanent basis. If the chair is a few years old we might prefer to allow the family to sell or give the chair away, possibly passing a small percentage of the sell value to my AFK.  Much will depend on the condition of the chair and whether there is a young person on our waiting list who might benefit from it.  As the chair belongs to my AFK, it is important that the family talk with us, before deciding to sell or give the chair away.