Alex is three, and affected by a range of disabilities, which means that he finds it hard to walk on his own, and has not spoken a word yet. He gets nervous when he can’t see his parents, so being sat in a pram is very upsetting for him.

His progress is much slower than you would expect for a boy of his age, and he needs familiar objects to feel safe. Alex brings his own spoon to nursery, because he gets upset about using a different one.

Alex doesn’t need a powerchair, instead he needs a specially adapted trike, to help his development. He can use his arms and legs, but needs a little help – usually from a walking frame. The good news is that Alex is a growing boy. If Alex can keep getting exercise, then his leg muscles will keep getting stronger. Once his legs are strong enough to move around all day, he can keep up with the things that he wants to do – play with other children, and get through the school day.

With the stamina to get through the day, Alex will gain the physical freedom to be independent. When he feels comfortable enough to start exploring his world on his own, he won’t need to have someone with him to hold his hand. With a specially adapted trike, then Alex will get the exercise he needs as he plays, at the age when it will help him the most.

Please donate today, and bring Alex the freedom that he needs.