My AFK supporters like you are making a difference to even more disabled young people than ever - but there's still more to do.

Take 4-year-old Tayah (top-left) for example. Supporters like you recently provided Tayah with a special trike to help her to improve her muscle strength, just like the one she uses for physiotherapy sessions. Tayah’s cerebral palsy makes it difficult for her to walk outdoors, but with a tricycle she can join in with her friends. This equipment is crucial for Tayah’s physical and social development.

This year we want to help another 51 children like Tayah. A new young person joins our waiting list for equipment every week. That’s another family that just wants to make sure that their disabled child has the same opportunities as other children their age. Or, another young adult who wants to go to university, work or simply live a life with less pain and discomfort.

Can you make a donation to go towards a specialist powered chair for a young person like Lucy, (middle) who received her new chair from my AFK, just before Christmas? Lucy, who is 25 and has cerebral palsy, relies on her chair for everything. Her previous chair was 8 years old and frequently broke down. The lack of correct body support left her with constant back pain. Now that she has her new chair, she feels more comfortable, confident and is able to enjoy university. She now travels alone on public transport - something she never would have trusted her old chair to do.

“When my old chair broke down, I felt vulnerable as I cannot push myself. I would have to rely on someone to push me, which took away my freedom and independence”

The cost of a chair like Lucy’s is £14,321. This kind of equipment is unaffordable for young people like Lucy and is normally unavailable on the NHS. Yet, it has given her access to a life that is the same as anyone else her age.

Over the next year we are aiming to provide another 20 specialist powered wheelchairs which can cost anything up to £26,000 each. If you would like to help us reach this goal of providing 52 pieces of mobility equipment to 52 children and young people, please donate today. We will keep you up to date on how our appeal is going and who we have purchased equipment for.

Join our biggest ever appeal for my AFK - and you can change even more lives.