The Big Mobility Appeal aims to change a life every week by providing a disabled child or young person with vital mobility equipment. This year we’ve already helped more than 30 disabled people aged 3-25 get the equipment they need to build their strength, movement and independence. Your help is key to getting disabled kids, adolescents, teenagers and young people moving.

What difference is The Big Mobility Appeal making?

Each disabled child and young person on our waiting list, like Georgie, are now getting the equipment that they badly need, and don’t have to wait around any longer.

Georgie is a curious, bright, three-year-old girl who loves to explore the world independently and play with other children on her street. She has a rare genetic condition that affects her muscle tone and her joints and needs support with most of her daily needs. She requires specialist equipment to help with her posture and walking. Georgie’s family applied to my AFK for a trike that offered the support she needed to allow her to ride with her friends. Her trike arrived at the beginning of May and her family were delighted.

“You very kindly funded a therapy trike for my daughter Georgie. She received the trike last week and I can say with great confidence it has been completely life changing for both her and our family.

Today Georgie biked to our local park with her three friends that called for her (with my supervision) and for the first time I felt she was fully included despite her disabilities. This feeling is absolutely priceless and we feel deeply grateful to you for your kindness and generosity. 

Kindest regards, a very happy mother.”

What needs to be done now?

Every day someone reaches out to my AFK for help, and we still have a waiting list of children and young disabled people who need equipment recommended by their doctor or physiotherapist.

Aged between 5 and 21, these young people all over the UK have varied needs - trikes to strengthn their muscles, car seats to travel safely, and powerchairs to move independently through every part of the day.

Make a donation today to help these children and young people get stronger, have fun with their loved ones, and get life moving in a way that was impossible before.

Join our biggest ever appeal for my AFK - and you can change even more lives.

Little girl on an adapted trike in the driveway