Disability Confidence Training for Employers

Disability Confidence Training for Employers

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my AFK help prepare young people with learning disabilities for life after school through our accredited education, training and work experience programmes. We also provide guidance and resources for employers to learn ways in which I can make their workplaces more diverse and inclusive.


This course uses the values and practices of the Social Model of Disability in order to build knowledge, skills and capacity when working with disabled young people at risk of marginalisation or exclusion in the workplace. This course is particularly useful for employers all over the UK.


At the end of completing this course we hope you will..


  • demonstrate increased confidence in recruiting, employing and supporting young disabled people
  • have knowledge of the Disability Equality Act (2010), and how to apply it to your workplace
  • understand what reasonable adjustments you can put in place to make your workplace diverse and inclusive
  • Understand the benefits of a diverse workforce


Course Overview


  • Introduction
  • Disability Confidence and Awareness
  • Recruitment and Reasonable Adjustments
  • Breaking down misconceptions and stereotypes (or Removing the barriers to employment)