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We are one of the only charities in the country who maintain the equipment we provide to disabled children and young people.

Abdul in his powered wheelchair with thumbs up

About the Appeal

We strongly believe that whilst receiving a wheelchair is life changing, repairs can run into the thousands and, for the family of a disabled child, this extra cost can be virtually impossible to meet.


my AFK ensures that all our powered wheelchairs have a regular service to make sure they stay in tip-top condition but when they do break down we will organise and pay for repairs as soon as possible. The knowledge that equipment will be repaired quickly if anything goes wrong provides that crucial extra comfort to the families we support.


A broken wheelchair is more than just an annoyance. It often means your life is put on hold, back to relying on other people to do things again.


This happened to 10-year-old Saheba just last year. Saheba has muscular dystrophy, which affects all her muscles and makes it painful for her not to be supported in the correct position. The powered wheelchair which my AFK provided in 2015 has a ‘rise up and down’ function which allows Saheba to stretch her legs to reduce her pain. Unfortunately, the chair froze in the ‘laying down’ position and Saheba was stuck. Unable to go to school, play with her friends or even eat by herself we knew we had to get the chair fixed as soon as possible.


“One-day Saheba was tilted back in the chair and it just froze. It wouldn’t go back to the seated position. This meant she couldn’t go to school…she got frustrated very quickly.”


Saheba’s mother


Our Mobility Manager Julia organised everything – within 24 hours the chair was fixed and Saheba was back at school.


This commitment to all children and young people we provide equipment to is one of the things which make my AFK stand out and we are very proud of it. However, with every commitment to the disabled children and young people we support we must raise the money to fund it.


Please join our Wheelie Club today for as little as £5 per month and help us ensure all the wheelchairs we provide remain reliable and life-changing.

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