Employment is important to everyone.

It gives people economic independence; opportunities to socialise with others; to feel fulfilled; to grow and contribute and be part of society.

At my AFK, our mission is to give as many young people with disabilities as possible the opportunity to work or volunteer in their community.

Our team of specialised job coaches provide support to both disabled employees and employers to guarantee a great experience for everyone involved.

Our work works! 88% of disabled young people we have found paid employment for, are still in paid employment!

How does it work?

Working with someone with learning disabilities is all about finding our about what someone is good at and helping them excel. We tailor every work placement to suit the employer and the individual...and we help every step of the way.

We find out all about potential candidates - where skills lie and what their aspirations are. We provide employability skills training at our office and the cafe at Bikes For Good Causes. We even provide travel training, so the candidate can get to work independently! 

AFK Trainee Annalie at work for Yo! Sushi

Small, medium or large enterprises, independent, community, public services or corporate... any workplace can get involved.

For more information please contact Harriet at [email protected] or Elaine at [email protected] 

Download our Employer Pack here.