Five Fridays of Fitness

Join Team AFK for our November fitness fundraising campaign – get fit on a Friday and fundraise for our cause!


There are 5 Fridays in November and we’re challenging you to get active and take on a fitness activity each week. Everyone gets on the fitness hype in January but we’re thinking let’s get started in November so we’re ready and prepared to take on the Christmas season! We want to get everyone moving for our cause along with enjoying the benefits a healthy lifestyle can bring.


This is a fitness campaign designed for inclusivity, so whether you have a disability, have never done exercise before or you are a fitness fanatic you can get stuck in!


Choose which activity you will do each week – there’s something for everyone but try and step out of your comfort zone if you can! There is a list of suggestions below but feel free to come up with your own, no matter how hard or easy – it’s completely up to you!


We’re asking for a £5 donation for every Friday you take part in this campaign. The money raised through this event campaign will greatly benefit the disabled children and young people that my AFK supports.


Fitness Friday activity & exercise suggestions:

  • 40 squats challenge
  • Run 1k/5k/10k/15k
  • Walk/run/cycle all or part of your route to work instead of melting on the tube!
  • Sign-up to one of the gym classes we’re working with
  • Walk 20,000 steps for the day
  • Swim lengths at your local pool
  • Lift some weights for 30 minutes
  • Take up a new sport you’ve not tried before!
  • A quick-and-easy home workout that can consist of push-ups and sit-ups
  • Dance/Zumba/yoga your way through Friday night


Why not invite your family and friends to join you – the more the merrier! Sign up below by choosing how many Fridays you want to take part in; then click the link here to join our Facebook group where you can share your weekly activities and updates with our other fitness fundraiser’s.


On completion of your Friday fitness challenge, you will receive a commemorative badge and a special Five Fridays of Fitness certificate!


Ticket Price Quantity
1 x Friday Ticket £5.00 Sold out
All Five Fridays £25.00 Sold out

Event Details

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