Frequently Asked Questions about mobility equipment

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from or on behalf of children and young people up to their 25th birthday, who need specialist mobility equipment or a wheelchair to help them become more independent. The child or young person must be resident in the UK.

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What equipment can I apply for?

We provide funding for mobility equipment, including:

  • Powered wheelchairs
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Sports, all terrain, off road and beach wheelchairs
  • Specialist buggies
  • Specialist trikes
  • Mobile hoists
  • Power packs (to add power to a manual chair)
  • Car seats and harnesses
  • Walkers
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What equipment isn't funded by my AFK?

We do not provide funding for:


  • Static equipment such as specialist chairs, seating and beds
  • Standing frames
  • Static exercise bikes and treadmills
  • Hoists (except mobile hoists)
  • Vehicles or vehicle adaptations
  • Ramps, lifts and building works
  • Sheds for storing mobility equipment
  • Non-mobility equipment such as communication aids, laptops or sensory rooms
  • Equipment housed at school for school use only. We believe these should be funded by a young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Equipment for a school or community groups


There are other organisations that fund mobility equipment – click here to see the list.

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How long will I be on the waiting list?

my AFK is reliant on donations from charitable trusts, companies and individuals, so it is impossible to predict the wait time for equipment. It really depends on the money we receive during the year. Also, a number of our funders restrict their donations to a region of the country or an age range or cost of equipment, which could mean that applicants will have different wait times.


As a rough estimate, we aim to fund items costing less than £3,000 within 3-6 months and more expensive items within 6-9 months. However, high cost powerchairs with multiple specialist functions can sometimes take a little longer.


We also help families with their individual fundraising to contribute to the cost of equipment they are applying for. We do this by supporting them to draft applications to trusts, businesses and local charities as well as sending them my AFK literature and t-shirts for events. Individual fundraising can make the wait time shorter.


If the waiting list becomes very long (with anticipated wait times over two years), we will close it for a few months.

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Does my AFK means test?

We do not take into consideration family income unless it is above £85,000 gross.  Where the income is over £85,000 gross we consider a range of factors including geographical location, cost of the equipment and the number of children in the family with a disability.  We do not fund equipment where the family income is over £100,000 gross.


For those age 18 and over, we disregard family income where they are living away from the parental home for most of the year, for example in supported accommodation or in residential college.

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Do you provide joint funding with other charities and/or families?

Yes, joint funding helps our funds go further to support more children and young people. We encourage families to apply to several charities as well as my AFK – a list of other organisations that fund equipment can be downloaded here: Other organisations that fund Mobility Equipment.

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Do you accept wheelchair vouchers towards the cost of a manual or powerchair?

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I only need a small grant from AFK as I am applying to several charities. Can my AFK pledge a sum of money?

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If I contribute to the cost of the equipment – say by providing £2000 towards a £4000 wheelchair – will it reduce my wait time on the waiting list?

We aim to provide equipment to applicants who have been on our waiting list for the longest time, but the wait time is also dependent on a variety of factors.


We encourage families to apply to several charities as well as my AFK. If an applicant is able to receive funds from a combination of sources (family contribution and grants from other charities), it does mean it is likely we can supply that equipment more quickly. This is because, in many cases, it is more viable for us to approach a potential funder if we are asking for a smaller sum of money than the total cost of the equipment.

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Do you maintain and repair the powerchairs you fund?

Yes, most of our powerchair beneficiaries opt to get their powerchair on permanent loan from my AFK. If you choose this option, my AFK will take responsibility for funding all maintenance and wear and tear repairs for the life of the chair (usually around five to seven years or more) or until it is not economically viable to do so. If your chair needs attention, you simply contact my AFK or the supplier/engineer directly and they will e-mail a quote for us to authorise. We strongly advise that you take out insurance for the powerchair to cover accidental damage, third party liability and theft.


A small number of beneficiaries prefer to own their powerchair, for example where the family has contributed most of the cost of the chair and my AFK has paid just a small proportion of it. When we are ready to order your powerchair, we will offer you the option of you having the equipment on permanent loan from my AFK or you having the chair granted to you and you owning the chair. my AFK will not maintain and repair chairs that are granted rather than loaned to the beneficiairy.

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I have received funding from my AFK for equipment before, can I reapply?

Yes – if your previous application was more than three years ago.

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Can I buy the mobility equipment I need and then you refund me afterwards?

No – like most charities, we do not fund equipment retrospectively.

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I am over 25, where can I apply for help with funding equipment?

my AFK only funds equipment for children and young people up to age 25. If you are over 25, you will need to go through your local Wheelchair Service. Even if they cannot provide the chair you feel you need, they might be able to give you a voucher to put towards it.


You can also apply to a number of charities that accept applications from over 25s: a list of other organisations that fund equipment can be downloaded here: Other organisations that fund Mobility Equipment.


If my AFK has funded a chair for a young person in the past, we can sometimes put a donation towards a new chair for the beneficiary, even if they are over age 25. This will depend on our fundraising and finances at the time of your application. You would need to submit a new application following the procedure as outlined on our website, indicating that you are over 25 and have had a chair from my AFK in the past.

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Submitting your application

You can return your application by scanning and e-mailing them as separate documents to:


Or you can post them to:
my AFK
15a Tottenham Lane
London N8 9DJ

Contact our Mobility Services team

Image of Julia Paylor, our Advocacy and Mobility Manager

Julia Paylor


Julia is our Advocacy and Mobility Manager.



Phone: 020 3056 5293

Image of Whit Doig, our Mobility and Fundraising Officer

Whit Doig


Whit is our Fundraising and Mobility Officer.



Phone: 020 3056 5249

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