Five-year-old Izzy loves One Direction, Harry Styles, Strictly and X Factor. Izzy is from Bedfordshire and likes writing, reading, drawing, painting, swimming, going to the park and singing.

When she’s older, Izzy really wants to be an artist and a writer. But Izzy has cerebral palsy and finds it hard to walk. She needs a lot of physiotherapy and can’t do some of the things her little sister does.

Izzy told us: “If I got a bike, I would go on a bike ride with my mum, dad and sister. I’d go to Butlins and ride all the way around the site.”

Izzy's parents told us they want Izzy to be as independent as she can be and be just like all her friends.

Her dad said: “Cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped Izzy. If you say ‘you can’t do that’ she’ll prove you wrong by going out and doing it. Izzy loves a challenge.

"She doesn’t want to be stuck indoors when all the other kids are outside. Independence is the number one priority.

"When we go to the park, her little sister Beth is running around and Izzy will try to go up the big hill after her.

"As parents, we want her to have fun but that’s the challenge - balancing her safety and her freedom.

"I don’t want Izzy to have to rely on anyone when she’s older. I want to give her the tools to be able to cope with whatever comes her way.

Adding how much a difference they think the specially adapted trike would make to Izzy's life, he said:

"I think the trike will massively improve her independence, strength and being able to do what her younger sister can. 

"Izzy would be out there every day on the trike. She loves being outside. I would love tell Izzy and her sister to go off on their bikes for a bit.

"It’s all about Izzy getting the confidence so she doesn’t need us. If Izzy knows she can do it, she will naturally become more confident."

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