Chatty student Jamie is thriving in his own world. He travels on his own, goes to a university class together with his coursemates and friends, and in his spare time pursues his love of stand-up comedy. Jamie tells us that what makes all of this possible, even with cerebral palsy that affects all four of his limbs, is his powerchair.

From a young age, Jamie has had the equipment that he needs to get the most out of his life, and to ensure that cerebral palsy wasn’t holding him back. When Jamie went to school, he was able to go in a powerchair so that he didn’t need someone pushing him around in a manual wheelchair all day.

Jamie has been able to choose to study, and feels that he can do a lot for himself. Yet he still has moments when this is taken away from him – when there are problems with the ageing powerchair that he has to rely on. Recently his powerchair stopped working when he was out on his own, leaving him literally stranded. Suddenly all of the freedom that he was used to disappeared. Jamie had to wait for his mother to drive over and rescue him, which was not a situation that he was used to. Jamie has said that it has made him realise just how much he still does need assistance around him, despite everything that he’s done to take control of his life.

Jamie’s powerchair is starting to let him down more and more often. He has worked hard to get to university, but needs a reliable powerchair to keep studying. Jamie loved going to comedy clubs, but because so few of them had wheelchair access, he started his own comedy night – and brought the comedy to him. Without a working powerchair, it will be difficult for him to be independent enough to keep the show running.

Please donate today, and keep Jamie’s show on the road. With your help, he can keep the independence he’s fought so hard for.