Kate is an unashamed Harry Potter fan, loves Dr Who, Sherlock, Friends, the Big Bang Theory and lots more...

22-year-old Kate is a third year student in digital media at the University of Winchester and aims to graduate this June.

Kate would like to set herself up in business after graduation and then hopefully follow her biggest dream – to travel across America.

But Kate has congenital muscular dystrophy meaning she can’t get out of bed, shower, dress or get into her chair herself.

Kate can’t breathe at night so needs a ventilator to keep her alive. Kate can’t eat so she is tube fed directly into her stomach. She also needs a suction to clear her airways, or else she would stop breathing.

Kate’s speciality is photography which she has been doing for six years and has amassed an expansive portfolio www.kelizabethdigitalart.co.uk.

A new wheelchair is essential for Kate to be able to finish uni and access work.

She told us: “Having gone to university I’ve decided I want to work for myself, I like the idea of being self employed.

“But I need a chair which is reliable so I am able to be independent and can travel and do anything really. I am literally lost without my wheelchair.

“I’ve had my current wheelchair for seven years and it’s getting pretty old. It broke down on me severely last year which made me bed bound for three weeks, which was not fun. It’s so demoralising to sit in a wheelchair that doesn’t move.

“My main obstacle, as with everything in life, is money. The wheelchair I need can’t be bought on the NHS so we have to find the money which is not easy as wheelchairs can cost thousands.

“My wheelchair equals my life. There are no words to describe how important my wheelchair is to me.

“It is my independence and independence is life.

“I’m 22, I want to be like any other 22-year-old and build my life. I guess that is what independence is - to explore the world and explore life.

“Without the right equipment in my life, I have no life. If I get my new chair it will really kick-start the rest of my life, it will give me reassurance it won’t break down and confidence to pursue things I want to do.

“I want to carry on doing photoshoots and going to London and I will be able to go to America and confidently start my own business.

“I want to go to America because I remember watching films growing up and being influenced so much by it, I’m intrigued by what it’s like. I want to see it for myself. It’s huge, there’s lots of space and I’ve heard so many positive things about disability accessibility over there.

“If I can’t live my dreams, life would be boring - there would be no point really. I’d be sat in front of the TV and I couldn’t do that.”

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