Latest raffle winners:

C18 Raffle: 29th June 2018
•1st prize: Mr M Mackey (London). Ticket No. 48892.
•2nd prize: Mrs E Smith (Essex). Ticket No. 29583.
•3rd prize: Mrs S Butler (Oxfordshire). Ticket No. 40941.

B18 Raffle: 31st May 2018
•1st prize: Ms V Oldham, (Chatham). Ticket No. 07681.
•2nd prize: Mr T Cole, (Bournemouth). Ticket No. 26101.
•3rd prize: Ms M Smith, (Shropshire). Ticket No. 38901.

A18 Raffle: 30th April 2018
•1st prize: E Winstanley, (Wigan). Ticket No. 37907.
•2nd prize: J Carter, (Lancashire). Ticket No. 5990.
•3rd prize: Ms E Brown, (East Devon). Ticket No. 55575.

L17 Raffle: 31st March 2018
•1st prize: Mrs A Mitchell (London). Ticket No. 24778.
•2nd prize: Mrs M Fisher (Neath Port Talbot). Ticket No. 14242.
•3rd prize: Mr D Bird (York). Ticket No. 12580.

K17 Raffle: 28th February 2018
•1st prize: Mr E Bailey, (Chester). Ticket No. 46487.
•2nd prize: Ms P Brunsdon, (East Sussex). Ticket No. 21359.
•3rd prize: Mrs A Herman, (Waltham Forest). Ticket No. 44965.

J17 Raffle: 31st January 2018
•1st prize: A Henderson, (Highlands). Ticket No. 02719.
•2nd prize: Mrs S Choubkar, (Brent). Ticket No. 21535.
•3rd prize: E Siggs, (Lincolnshire). Ticket No. 27568.

I17 Raffle: 5th January 2018
•1st prize: Mrs M Jones, (Herts). Ticket No. 49260
•2nd prize: Mr A Southam, (Cumbria). Ticket No. 41116 ,
•3rd prize: Mrs A Hendley, (Neath). Ticket No. 39498

If you are a winner and have not yet claimed your prize please contact a member of the Donor Care Team. Our next raffle draw (D18) will take place on 31st July 2018.