Latest raffle winners:

G18 Raffle: 31st October 2018
•1st prize: D Harries (Mid Glamorgan). Ticket No. 46988.
•2nd prize: G Holmes (Blackpool). Ticket No. 26674.
•3rd prize: V Cocksedge (Crawley). Ticket No. 52708.

F18 Raffle: 28th September 2018
•1st prize: D Stevens, (Kent). Ticket No. 43267.
•2nd prize: B James, (Cornwall). Ticket No. 57807.
•3rd prize: S Kitson, (Bradford). Ticket No. 52267.

E18 Raffle: 31st August 2018
•1st prize: A McMillan, (Bedfordshire). Ticket No. 03372.
•2nd prize: P Webster, (Derby). Ticket No. 3049.
•3rd prize: P Partridge, (West Midlands). Ticket No. 47061.

D18 Raffle: 31st July 2018
•1st prize: Mr P Farmer, (Devon). Ticket No. 7866.
•2nd prize: J Ahern. Ticket No. 1858.
•3rd prize: Mr D Haley, (Uxbridge). Ticket No. 16677.

C18 Raffle: 29th June 2018
•1st prize: Mr M Mackey (London). Ticket No. 48892.
•2nd prize: Mrs E Smith (Essex). Ticket No. 29583.
•3rd prize: Mrs S Butler (Oxfordshire). Ticket No. 40941.

B18 Raffle: 31st May 2018
•1st prize: Ms V Oldham, (Chatham). Ticket No. 07681.
•2nd prize: Mr T Cole, (Bournemouth). Ticket No. 26101.
•3rd prize: Ms M Smith, (Shropshire). Ticket No. 38901.

If you are a winner and have not yet claimed your prize please contact a member of the Donor Care Team. Our next raffle draw (H18) will take place on 30th November 2018.