The London Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of London’s most disadvantaged and bring together donors to support charities and community groups.

Through the programme, we received a grant from UK Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), and a leading owner, manager and developer of modern warehouses and light industrial property, SEGRO Plc, to provide work experience and employability training for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) from Enfield.

We believe that by working with students with learning disabilities from the age of 14 we can make a real impact on their chances of making a smooth transition into adult life. Training and / or a placement at Action For Kids allows the young people to better understand their strengths, improvement areas, likes, dislikes and career aspirations and has a significantly positive impact on their confidence. They learn new and relevant skills in a real workplace, meet new people and move a step closer to paid employment, which is crucial as currently only 6% of adults with a learning disability have a job as compared with 73% without a learning disability.

SEN students often feel that they don't have the chance to be involved in decisions which are made about their futures. We support them to make sure their voices are heard and have developed a way of working using multi media that encourages all students to express what they would like to do when they leave education. Using a combination of drawing, video and words the students have their say and create their own portfolio which can be used in transition meetings.

We can’t thank SEGRO and The London Community Foundation enough for showing an interest in our work and choosing to support us.