my AFK works with students aged 14 and over who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to introduce them to the world of work and prepare them for life after school.

We believe that by working with students from a younger age we can have a real impact on when the time comes to leave school or college.

Students with SEND can often feel that they don't have the chance to be involved in decisions which are made about their futures. We work closely with the students to make sure their voices are heard.

Working closely with schools we invite students for sessions with our tutors designed to help them with the transition from school and prepare them for adulthood, such as work experience, employability and work related skills. 

We use a combination of images, video and words to create a profile which helps young people express what they want to do when they leave education. This portfolio can then be used in transition meetings. (Meetings about what will happen when the student leaves school).

Over the past few years of working with students we have found that most want to be as independent as possible. They want earn their own money, have a relationship and move out of the family home.

We want to help them achieve this. 

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