The Light Fund is the charity body representing the licensing industry. 

Since 2004 they have been fundraising furiously to support charities across the UK and overseas. They have raised a huge £1million so far!

In 2016 we were chosen to receive £5000 towards our mobility project. Dylan, who is 14, has cerebral palsy and a learning disability. He is unable to walk or talk. We used the generous donation from The Light Fund to purchase a special "Delta All Terrain Buggy XL" which meant Dylan could go out on trips with his family and twin brother.

His mum wrote after their first trip out in the new buggy;

"This Sunday was brilliant - we were all wearing wellies as it was quite muddy but it didn't matter, the woodland was very sensory for Dylan as it was windy and he noticed different trees and branches. It was just great as we were able to walk on uneven ground, over bridges, really deep into the heart of the countryside."

young disabled boy enjoying is new mobility trike

Five year old Matthew has multiple disabilities. He doesn't walk and cannot access outside activities. With the donation from The Light Fund, Action For Kids have recently provided a Tomcat Trike for Matthew so he can explore his environment for the first time. With the new trike, he will be able to develop strength in his legs, have fun and gain his first taste of independence. 

Thank you The Light Fund!