88% of my AFK trainees who got paid work through our placements are still in employment.

We have been running our work training project since 2013 and now have a wide range of business partners and companies offering work placements and jobs. We are very much driven by what our trainees are interested in and what skills they have or can learn. 

How it works:

We find out all about the candidates, where their skills lie and what their aspirations are.

We provide employability skills training in a real working environment, either at our head office in Hornsey or at our partner bike shop and cafe Bikes For Good Causes.

Our specialised team will also provide travel training to help trainees get to work.

Our Job Coaches will support the trainees through the entire process, from interviews and inductions to work placements. Once a paid job is secured we remain as support for as long as needed.

Find out more:

If you think this is a project a young person in your life would benefit from then please contact Harriet at [email protected] or Elaine at [email protected].

You can also download our employment pack here.