Getting a job

Young woman with learning disabilities working as a waitress holding a clipboard

If you have a disability and live in Haringey, we can help you get a job.

The Haringey Employment Support Programme (HESP) is a partnership between Haringey Council, the Department for Work & Pensions and my AFK. Our aim is to support disabled Haringey residents aged 18-25 into paid employment.


We provide skills training and real world work experience, leading to job opportunities and flexible support into paid employment.

If you are aged 19+ and have a learning disability, my AFK can help you get a paid job through our Life and Work Programme.

Once you have completed your work experience and learned new skills as part of our Education and Training Programme, we can help you get a job.


Your Job Coach will help you practice your interview skills so you feel more confident talking to an employer. We will also provide travel training so that you can travel independently to and from work using the train or the bus.


You will be supported by our team through the whole process – even once you’ve gotten a paid job.

Where do you want to work?

Our trainees have worked at lots of different and interesting places. Here are some photos of our trainees at work:

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